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Ideal Companion ESL, level 2

Ideal Companion ESL, level 2

The purpose of this book is to help adult learners gain effective knowledge of English through meaningful and contextual activities that relate to real life situations. This book focuses on helping learners reach a high-functioning level in English by mastering all four language acquisition skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition to the grammar and vocabulary lessons that allow students to learn new words, knowing the correct spelling of words they already use, and how sentences are formed, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain advanced English skills through dictations.

Ideal Companion, ESL level 1

To the Instructor

Dictations allow students to develop listening and writing skills. During this activity, you will ask students to write down a passage or part of a passage from the book that you will read to them. For a better result, and to allow students enough time to process the words and their meaning, you should repeat every sentence or every meaningful phrase three to four times. At the end of  this activity, have students check their work by allowing them to view the original text and correct their mistakes. Afterward, have students take turns reading one or two paragraphs, then you can have a whole group discussion on the topic of the text. In this single activity, you have allowed students to practice all four language acquisition skills: listening and writing first, followed by reading and speaking. During this activity, students can answer the questions that follow every passage for comprehension practice.